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  • Getting Through The Weekend Part 3

    Weekends can feel like an eternity when you are dealing with loss. If you are like me, you love to be distracted by work and life during the week, so…

  • Getting Through The Weekend Part 2

    Struggling with the loss of a loved one can make weekends feel like a never ending battle. Grief comes in ebbs and flows, but on the weekend it is easy…

  • Getting Through The Weekend Part 1

    Getting through the weekend when you are dealing with grief can be a major struggle. During the week, it is easy to distract ourselves with work and life. But on…

  • #fiveadaychallenge Day1

    I am challenging myself and everyone out there to take the #fiveadaychallenge with me. Every day this week in honor of Spring I am going to get rid of five…

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Wife, Mother, Daughter, Radio Personality, Lifestyle Guru. Kiki Garcia is living the life she always wanted. Whether it is a weekend trip to Las Vegas or a week on the beaches of Cape Cod, Kiki is experiencing the best life can offer and sharing it with her closest friends.
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Mrs Las Vegas Podcast

  • Lights Out On The Strip

    June 3, 2020

    I was able to do some exploring on the strip while all the hotels and casinos are shut down.  How was it?  What was the feel of the strip?  Find out in my latest episode.

  • One on One with Paco Lopez

    May 1, 2020

    I had a chance to speak with Jammin' 105.7's Paco Lopez about Las Vegas. Paco shares his opinions on opening the city PLUS he tells us all about the Las Vegas Raider's new stadium!

  • One on One with Chet Buchanan

    April 14, 2020

    No one knows more about Las Vegas than radio host Chet Buchanan. Chet wakes up everyone, every day, on 98.5 KLUC on The Chet Buchanan Show and has his finger on the pulse of this great city. I had a wonderful chat with him about the Covid-19 Pandemic and the future of the city.